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    Product Features


    • Cylinder pressure regulator
      Brass chrome plated body for inert,reactive,flammable
    • and oxidizing gas and mixtures up to grade 6.0
    • Stainless steel 316L body for corrosive gases
      6 ports flexible configuration
    • Stable outlet pressure
    • Simple outlet pressure limitation by handwheel
      Inlet filter
      Tested for use with oxygen


    Typical Applications


    • Component Testing
    • Calibration Systems
    • Laboratory Pressure Control
    • High Pressure Sampling Systems
    • Service & Test Equipment


    Technical Data


    • Type: single-stage
    • Inlet pressure P1: max. 300bar
    • Outlet pressure P2: -1bar / 2/4/10/20/35/50bar
    • Materials
    • Body regulator, relief valve: see ordering info

      Valve seat: Teflon®(PCTFE)

      Diaphragm: Hastelloy® C276

      Filter: SS 316L

      O ring:Viton® (FKM), (option):Kalrez® (FFKM

    • Inlets and Outlets: 1/4” NPT(F)
    • Temperature range: -30to +74
    • Leak rate (to atmosphere): 1x10-8 mbar I/s He
    • (via seat): 1x10-6 mbar I/s He
    • Flow capacity: Cv=0.08
    • Weight: 1.25 kg



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